The days after an interview can be an awkward time in the hiring process. As the candidate, you have to make the sudden switch from the eager go-getter to sitting back and being patient. It’s a balancing act where you want to stay relevant in their minds while also not looking too eager. Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do during this time.

Always Answer in a Timely Manner

Patience is very much a virtue after the interview. You can send them an email in a few days thanking them for the opportunity to come in and interview, but let them reach out to you with the next steps in the process. When the company reaches out to you, be sure to respond within a few hours, if possible. At the VERY most, 24 hours.

Don’t Be Overeager

This is where the balancing act takes effect. You obviously want to come across as interested, but acting t0o interested can rub the company the wrong way. The last thing you want is for them to think you are more interested in leaving your existing job than starting the new one. This will lead them to believe you’re changing jobs for the wrong reason. Just like in any relationship, if you seem desperate, it lessens your chances of getting the job. Give it a few days before emailing to follow up with the hiring manager, and, also, never send a double email. Be patient –  understanding the process can take some time. This will send the right message to the new company.

Be Respectful and Move On

Life happens sometimes and you get let down. Enough time goes by after the interview and you realize you did not get the job. If this happens, realize it is a great learning experience and just a stepping stone to that job you really want. Be sure to reach out to the hiring manager and thank him for his time and consideration. If applicable, tell him you’d love to be considered down the road for future openings,and stay in contact with him by connection on LinkedIn.

Relax and Remain Calm

After an interview, it’s easy to get anxious. You can catch yourself refreshing your email constantly waiting for something, anything, regarding the job. This isn’t a bad thing. Obviously, if you care this much, it means that it’s a job you’re passionate about and would love to have. Once again, you need to balance this eagerness. After the interview, particularly if it’s the final interview, give yourself 5 days to be all-in on the job. This means you’re not applying to any others, and you’re confident you are going to get the new job. If after five days you have not heard anything, start job hunting again. Remain confident that you still will earn the job where you made it to the final interview, but keep life realistic by beginning to apply for new ones. This unique process allows you to be eager and all in for that job while still remaining realistic by keeping your options open.