How to Attract Top Talent

The goal of every recruiter, hiring manager, and company as a whole, is to find a candidate
who is a perfect fit. But finding that perfect candidate can be a challenge. 60% of American companies have difficulty attracting top talent. The wrong candidate can lead to extra costs in recruitment efforts or additional training. So, what can your company do to attract top talent?

Manage Your Online Presence

Sites like Glassdoor make it easy for candidates to learn about salaries, leadership ratings, benefits reports, overall workplace insight and more. While it’s almost impossible to prevent any negative comments, it’s still important for companies to be aware of their presence on these sites and be prepared to address any issues that may deter candidates.

It’s no different than a hiring manager checking out a candidate’s social media pages. Candidates also want to gain additional insight into the company before investing too much time into the process.

Put Your Employees First

According to an article, researchers agree that the best way to hire and keep top talent is to create a company culture where employees want to work. Your reputation will precede you and it will work in your favor.

Candidates will most likely have a preconceived impression of your company before the interview, either by word-of-mouth, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or general knowledge. Make your current employees your biggest fans.

Know Your Ideal Candidate and the Benefits He or She Would Like

More often than not, if a candidate has two or more job offers, her final decision will come down to benefits. If you have an idea of the right kind of candidate, then you should consider the benefits they would be more likely to accept.

For example, an executive who’s established and has a family, may be more interested in unlimited PTO or childcare assistance; whereas, an entry level assistant might prefer flex hours and Friday night team outings.

Know your audience, and sell them on the best benefits.

Have a Candidate Growth Plan

Create a plan with growth opportunities for candidates. Show knowledge of candidate’s skills and how they can leverage their skills with a clear development path through promotion or career development training plans.

Craft Your Story

Money is not the reason people make a job change. People want to make an impact, they want to develop their talent, and they want to be a part of something special. Have stories about the people who work in the company, stories that articulate the company’s culture, stories about the company’s leadership, stories about promotions, and stories about the company’s growth, development, and vision for the future. This story is what ultimately triggers someone’s intuition to say “this feels right!”

We’ve discussed some of the ways to attract top talent, but if you have questions, feel free to contact JDI today.

Can you think of other ways to attract top talent?