A recent poll of 900 workers conducted by Right Management shows that 83% of employees will be seeking a new job this year. This potential increase in job movement, coupled with the Department of Labor’s September job report, means employees are feeling more comfortable about applying for new opportunities and accepting them if selected. Only 5% of employees stated they had no intention of looking for a job. That means 95% of employees are either actively looking for other employment or open to the idea.

As an employer, those numbers are a little intimidating. Scott Ahlstrant, of Right Management, said, “These numbers should signal a wake-up call for top management, when four out of five employees say they intend to look for employment elsewhere.” Employers should focus on revamped recruiting efforts and retention plans. Here are three ways to combat employee turnover:

  1. Employers must start with recruiting. The focus should be on hiring the right person that won’t jump ship. This begins with building relationships during the recruiting process, not just conducting interviews in boardrooms.
  2. Employers should then pay close attention to their employee retention strategy. It should have both reactionary and proactive features that are customized to individual positions and employees.
  3. Other factors to consider are communication and leadership. Good employers will invest in the company by making it a place people want to work. This starts with communicating and listening to employees. Good leadership can prevent a large percentage of employee turnover.

To find out more about employee retention and what it will look like in 2014, be sure to read the full article. At JDI Search, our recruiting experts would love to work alongside your company and help you acquire and retain the talent you desire.