You’re a successful hospitality professional, but you feel like you may be ready for a change. You don’t want to upset your current company by asking around about opportunities, but you also don’t want to leave a gap between jobs.

What can you do? Hospitality recruiters are here to save the day!

What can a hospitality recruiter do for you?


When working with a recruiter most candidates are still employed. Recruiters understand the importance of confidentiality and work hard to maintain it.

Advice and Support

Not only can recruiters help talk you through your career goals and objectives, they walk you through every step of the hiring process. They can help with interview preparation, salary and benefits negotiations, and honest, objective feedback on your skills and experience in relation to jobs you apply for.

First access

At least 70% of jobs are not published. Recruiters have access to the “hidden job market.” Many recruiting firms have decades behind them of industry relationships and experience. Not only do recruiters have first, or even exclusive, access to job postings, they also know which opportunities are fantastic and which are not.

Industry masters

Recruiters are masters of the industry they serve. They know exactly what qualities, skills, and competencies hotels, and hotel companies are looking for. You can also gain tremendous insights about company cultures, company growth plans, reasons for job openings, advice about hiring managers, information about recent turnover, and information about recent promotions within an organization; even advice on which companies to avoid.  These are all insights you cannot get when applying directly for an opportunity.

Build a long-term relationship

Most recruiters understand that today’s candidate is tomorrow’s client. They can become a career-long contact that can help with future career moves, industry knowledge, or career advice as you continue to develop.

Need career advice or looking to make a move?

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