For the first time in ten years, the US unemployment rate has dipped below 5%. This means that for the first time since ‘08 talented employees are able to move more freely to new jobs. Companies for the first time in years need a strategy to engage these candidates when they have openings before the candidate moves on to the next option. It goes without saying that acquiring and retaining these talented workers is important to the growth and development of any business. Here are two strategies you can put into practice to acquire this top talent.

Move Experience Down on Your List of Priorities

When you’re in a bind and need to fill a position quickly, the instinctive thing to do is interview candidates that have years of experience in the same or very similar position. These candidates are already comfortable and their transition into the new role will be natural and not take too much time.

This is all fine and dandy, but what if you want talent that has the ability to grow within your organization? First of all, you’d be wise to consider this during the hiring process, and to acquire individuals like this you have to be able to look beyond experience.

Look into their skills and personality traits. Do they possess some that will enable them to have success in the position? Experience isn’t a necessity when the person is capable of learning new systems and different techniques quickly. Having too narrow a focus by only viewing experience can leave you missing out on top talent.

Ensure Your Website Careers Section is Up to Speed

It goes without saying that much of a candidate’s experience with an organization when they are first evaluating them is online. It’s in your best interest to provide easy to use and logical hiring experience for them. Make sure the careers section of your website is up to date and ready to engage visitors. Have it be seamless with the other areas of your website. If they are scrolling through your website and suddenly the careers sections is completely different it can throw them for a loop. The last thing you want is a frustrated (potential) candidate that moves on to the next company because of your site.

Having this area of your site fully developed has multiple benefits. It allows candidates to create their own professional profile on your site, allowing them to immediately feel like they are a part of your organization in a small way. It is also a tremendous help to your hiring managers as they are able to keep every part of each candidate’s record organized. Even if a certain person does not get the job, their record is kept for consideration for future openings down the line.