Whether you’re a natural at taking the plunge or not, we all know that in order to grow we have to take risks every now and again. Staying within your comfort zone can only get you so far.

Talking yourself into taking chances can be a real internal battle, but by properly channeling some effort and energy you can inspire yourself to take more chances.

Here are 3 strategies to help you gather courage and become a risk-taker.

Think About the Actual Worst-Case Scenario

One reason we doubt ourselves and talk ourselves out of trying something is a fear of the outcome. We fear failure and what will happen as a result.

Our mind can play tricks on us when we consider the outcome. We somehow tell ourselves that the outcome will be life altering, leaving us no way of recovering.

However, if you consider the actual worst-case scenario, it’s never as bad as you envisioned. Next time you have this fear, take a breath and consider the worst thing that could realistically happen.

You may have to deal with some embarrassment or temporary damage to your ego, but in most cases the worst-case scenario isn’t the end of the world. You will learn from it and realize taking risks now and again isn’t so bad, even if it doesn’t go your way.

Lean on Your Support System

Another trick your mind will play on you in the moment before taking a leap is your self confidence may diminish. In those times where you are running low on mental strength to take on a new challenge, it is important to utilize your network of supporters.

These people can help you boost your self-confidence in those moments when you are being unfairly harsh on yourself. They will help you talk yourself back into whatever you were beginning to have doubts about.

Look at Failure Differently

There’s no doubt that failing is not fun, but in the end it is part of life. Everyone experiences it from time to time.

Many of us have too deep of a fear of failure, thinking it will lead to a tremendous fall from which you can never recover. However, if you are looking to become more of a risk-taker, the fact is you have to become comfortable with failure.

Rather than seeing failure as something you can never recover from, see it as a learning experience. Every failure has a valuable lesson to learn, allowing you to do better the next time around.

By having this new perspective, you will grow to have a new acceptance of failure. When you are not held back by this fear, you are free to take on more risks.