As a hiring manager you know the feeling of having the standout applicant in your interview process. They move seamlessly from one round to the next. It’s clear in each engagement that they understand your company and what it stands for. However, you don’t attract applicants like this all the time; and the truth of the matter is, you wish that you did. So how do you go about attracting more individuals like this to apply for your open positions? Here are a few ways you can attract candidates who are the right fit for your company.

In many instances companies have on paper, or on their website, what their core values are. But it’s a question as to whether they truly put them into action day-to-day. However, when it is crystal clear what your core values are and you are able to be open and honest about them at every stage of the interview process, it makes it clear whether or not the candidate will be a good fit or not.

What attracts the ideal candidates, however, is when a company is authentic in how they represent their values. Values should not be chosen because they sound good. Instead, they should be chosen because they are put into action by a company and its employees on a daily basis.

If your organization’s values are unclear and you want to gain a better understanding of what they are, speak to your employees. Ask them what they love about their jobs and the organization. Chances are you’ll begin to see a pattern in their answers and it will inevitably lead you to what your core values are. From here you can begin to build an employer brand that will attract like-minded employees and those ideal candidates will begin rolling in more often than they used to.