You’ve done it! You made it through the vigorous job search and interview process and finally landed that new job. You’re very excited to get started after putting in all that time and effort to get the offer. However, with this excitement you find yourself very nervous. So how do you handle it? Here are some tips on how you can overcome those new job jitters.


Organize Your Area At Work

You have a few boxes you have to unpack from your old workspace: go ahead and do this as early as possible. After all, when you move into a new home, does it truly feel like home before you’ve unpacked everything? The answer is no and the same applies to your new workspace. The sooner you unpack and set up your workspace the sooner it will feel like home. Making it feel like home will enable you to feel more comfortable and ready to take on the many new challenges that await.


Wake Up Early

We all know that familiar feeling. You have to be at work in 10 minutes but you’re still 20 minutes away sitting in traffic. Not fun. It’s a terrible way to start your day as you arrive at work flustered, ready to apologize to your boss. This is always undesirable, but especially when you first start your job. You don’t want the reputation of being late right off the bat. To combat this, simply wake up earlier. Think of what  time you want to set your alarm and set it for 30 minutes before that time. This gives you the ability to move through your morning routine at a comfortable pace. You’ll arrive at your new job early, free of stress and ready to tackle the day.


Grab Lunch with Your New Co-Workers

Lunch is a wonderful way to get to know the new people you’re about to be surrounded by every day. So, go for it and ask one or several of them if they want to go grab lunch. You will feel much better in your new environment when you know the people you’re working with better. While at lunch ask job related questions, but also take this time to escape work a bit and talk about other things. Are they from the area? Do they like sports? You may find you have some things in common with these people. After all, they did land at the same company as you so this is very possible. Getting to know your coworkers on a deeper level will go a long way for your overall comfort at your new job.

At the end of the day, it’s important to realize you were hired for a reason. You definitely have the skills necessary; and from your brief interactions during the interview process, it was clear you had a chance to be a good cultural fit as well. Stay calm, be positive, and after a short time your new environment will feel like home.