Getting that promotion can be tough, but what can be even tougher is asking for it. Luckily for you, in this scenario, actions speak louder than words. What you do in your day-to-day work will go much further than a great pitch to your boss as to why you should be promoted. To start making your way to that promotion, you have to exceed expectations. This means not only completing tasks efficiently and on time, but going the extra mile in everything you do. So here are a few ways you can ensure you land that big promotion.

Go the Extra Mile (Every Time)

Meeting and exceeding expectation is great; but to start making your way to that next level, you must find ways to add value to the company by taking on projects and tasks beyond your role. Start doing things that you weren’t necessarily asked to do, or aren’t part of your job description. If all of your work is complete or you have some extra time, help out a co-worker who is swamped, by taking on some of their work. By doing this, you’re making a bigger impact on the company and indicating that you are clearly able to take on more responsibilities.

Don’t Make It About Title or Status

Showing a desire to learn and grow properly will go much further than having concern with your rank or status within a company. No one appreciates the cutting of corners. Your primary motivation should be to acquire and master as many skills and as much knowledge as possible. When you do this, having that high rank with a nice office takes care of itself. If you continue to show the ability to thrive and grow, the promotion will naturally come to you.

Always Be Looking to Improve Yourself

The biggest factor in how your career goes is you. Never be satisfied with what you’ve accomplished. It’s good to celebrate and reward yourself once in awhile, but once you do, get right back after it. Pick out that next goal you want to achieve and go for it.

Another key to self-improvement is to attack things that may be holding you back. In other words, don’t go for what you know you can accomplish. Work on something you may not necessarily be strong at it. This creates a challenge for yourself and allows you to maximize your self-improvement.

Take on Complex Projects

Volunteering for longer projects that are more complex shows you are ready for a position with a higher rank (aka a promotion). Positions further up the hierarchy require you to handle projects with multiple people involved and various deadlines. Managing these types of projects require different skills than handling individual tasks one at a time. It could be difficult trying to handle one of these projects if they are a year-long. Instead begin with one that runs a few weeks or months, then build from there. You want to grow and become better each day. Don’t stretch yourself too far and take on something there is no way you could be ready for. By doing this, over time, you will show your boss you’re ready for the next level.