With many holidays right around the corner comes the emails you might receive from your boss. Your boss might not be expecting a response, but you feel obligated to acknowledge them. This can leave you distracted to the point where you are not enjoying yourself on a holiday when you should be.

So what is the correct way to go about this? Here are a few tips on how you can handle this situation.


Set Up an Out-of-Office Message Beforehand


This is a great way to take care of the issue. If you don’t have an automated message, it indicates that it’s like any other workday and you’re available. Have the message say something like, “I am not available today and will be responding to emails the next day I am in the office.” This lets your boss know that you are unavailable, and you don’t have to feel the pressure of responding to the email.


Send a Short Reply


If you forgot to set up an automated message or just prefer to give an actual response when it is your boss on the other end, then a short concise response will do the job. Of course there is the possibility that your boss understands that it’s a holiday and will preface the email with “no need to respond.” In that case, you’re good to go. If you are confused and think they want a response, then send a short message. For example: Just made a note of this and will have a more in-depth response when I am back in the office.


Any sort of response that acknowledges you received the message and will attend to it when you have more time should do.


It is possible that you have a boss that doesn’t have email boundaries, especially today when we are all constantly connected. You might want to send a response like you would on a normal workday, but this gives them the false implication that you are available to work related items. If you are going to respond, make sure they still know that you are unavailable and will attend to it when you have time.