While there are a few instances in which you should accept a job offer that’s not ideal, there are some scenarios in which you should decline the offer. Here are a few examples.

There is No Room for Advancement

This is why, even if there are positions above you, it’s important to assess the individuals occupying those roles. If they have been there forever and show no signs of leaving, it could mean the probability for advancement is low.

Changing Jobs Won’t Make You Any Happier

There is no reason to change things just because. At the end of the day, the new job has to have some sort of positive effect on your life, whether it be within your career as a stepping stone or creating a more well-rounded life for yourself, both within and outside your career.

If It’s a Setback from Goals You’re Trying to Achieve

It goes without saying, don’t take a job that is on a different career path than you want to be on. When deciding on a job offer, one major thought should be- is this job on the path to where I want to be. Will it in some way get me closer to where I want to be? If not, it’s probably a good idea to say no.

If the Job is Equal but the Pay is Not a Big Improvement

If the pay increase isn’t substantial, at the very least the job itself should be an improvement. This could mean a better atmosphere, better employees or more opportunity for advancement. If the job is the same AND the pay is almost the same, it’s time to continue your job search for something better.