Early in your career it can be tough to know if you are having success or not. This is especially true because during the early-stages of a career many of us aren’t looking at the big picture just yet. You are focused on the job you have, advancing within that job, and if advancement isn’t possible, making a move after maybe only a year or two. To sum it up, early in our career we are more focused on the here, now, and immediate future as opposed to later in our careers where we are examining the bigger picture. With this narrow view it’s easy to stop and wonder, am I achieving success? Even though you probably are having success, it can be tough to see because you are so focused on learning and progressing quickly. To give yourself that added confidence of realizing your success, try these few tips.


Write Down Your Victories


What are the goals and objectives of the organization where you work? How are you contributing to them? What have you done that has brought measurable results to achieve these things? These can be tasks or projects you completed solo or you may have been part of a small team that had a major impact. Whatever they are, write them down and keep them in a journal as they happen. Writing these things down will pay off in the long run. You can take a look at it whenever you are doubting yourself. You can also use these achievements to boost your cover letters, resume, and LinkedIn profile for the future.


Have a Personal Project You’re Working On


Seek out opportunities that attach your personal interests with your professional growth. Perhaps you have always had an interest in drawing and want to be more creative but your current role doesn’t allow you to utilize this interest. If you have a creative design department within your organization, see if you can get involved and help them out with something. Perhaps you have always enjoyed writing but your organization doesn’t need assistance in this area. This creates the perfect opportunity to create your own personal blog where you can write about whatever interests you! Don’t limit yourself within the confines of your role or your organization. If something that interests you also aligns with your professional development, you should absolutely pursue it!


Have a Direct Impact by Helping Coworkers


It’s easy to get caught up in your own job day-to-day doing the things you know you have to do. It’s easy to forget that you are part of a team, an organization. Realize that everyone else has their own job just like you and realize that like you, from time to time, they need some help. Reach out to your coworkers once in awhile to see how you can help them. It can be once a day or once a week that you reach out to a different person to see how they are doing and if there is anything you can do to help. It can be something bigger like helping them complete something they just don’t have time for that day, or you lend an ear to some ideas they may have.

By trying these things out, you’ll no longer be wondering if you are having success in your career. Be willing to think outside the box by writing achievements down, helping your coworkers, and pursuing your personal interests. Soon you’ll be able to see the impact you’re making every day!