It is well known that continued learning is important when it comes to success in any career. Our ideal job is one that has many opportunities to learn new skills and provides mentorship through more experienced colleagues who can help us and show us the ropes.

But what if we don’t have these kinds of resources? If you are the only member of your team or department, you have to look to external resources to learn and keep progressing in your career.

Here are 3 tips to keep growing in your department of one.


Read Constantly

If you ask anyone who was in the position of being the only person in their department how they continued to learn, they unanimously answer that they read anything and everything relevant to their field. Look for relevant books, blogs, and articles that are up-to-date to keep you in the know. You can also look at what your competition is doing.

To consistently read relevant publications, set aside 20-30 minutes each day to browse the news in your field. This will keep you up-to-date and will also spark new ideas and inspiration that you can apply to your own job.


Become a Member of Groups Online with Similar People

There are, more than likely, individuals out there in a similar role where they too are the only members of their respective departments. Thanks to the internet you have the capability to connect with these people. Through social platforms like LinkedIn you are sure to find groups dedicated to professionals just like you.

Once or twice a week during your 20-30 minutes, you should catch up on what is being talked about and contribute your voice to the conversation.


Continue Your Education Online

There are always certain skills you can obtain to advance yourself within your field. (Hint: Keep yourself up-to-date by reading and contributing to online groups will help you know what certain skills are) To obtain these skills, there are many online courses you can take that are sometimes free, or at  most, are affordable.

Also, due to the internet there is always YouTube which, after some searching, you’ll come to find offers all sorts of free video tutorials. While free knowledge is ideal, sometimes it can be worth a bit of expense to attend larger conferences and training seminars. If something you want to attend costs some money don’t be afraid to ask your boss. They will appreciate your desire to better yourself.