When you are looking to switch jobs, there are certainly a lot of factors to consider. What do you want out of your next job? Is it a higher salary? More responsibility? Do you want to manage people? These are all common desires to have at your next job, but what is perhaps most important is to make sure you are utilizing your strengths. Often people will not consider this and, in the long run, it holds them back. When you are in a position to fully utilize your strengths, your room for growth and your likelihood to prosper grow larger. It is a sign that you are investing in your future

Before you start looking for that next job, take some time to realize what your true strengths are. By doing this, you will not only find a job, but a job that is fulfilling.

To understand your true strengths, you have to dig deep. Your strengths are not just the skills you possess, like Excel or putting together a good presentation, but your natural, inherent talents that you own as a person, such as responsibility, adaptability, and empathy. These are the strengths that make you unique and create your true self.

Write down what your strengths are. Really sit back and think about them and how they apply to your career. Then, before deciding which job openings you should pursue, ask yourself if you will be able to fully apply your strengths there. A job may seem tempting due to a high salary, but the key to a fulfilling job that you will remain happy at long term is finding one that aligns with your strengths.  

Of course, focusing on your strengths does not mean ignoring your weaknesses. Just because you are not as strong in a certain area does not mean you have to neglect it completely.

A great way to turn your weaknesses to strengths is by finding a partner to help you. A weakness for you is often another person’s strength. Have them help you manage your weakness by slowly becoming stronger at it. It’s important to remember, however, that a partnership like this should go both ways. Be sure you are helping that person with a weakness of his own if it happens to be one of your strong points.

Know your weaknesses and work on them; but, when you are on your next job search, the most important factor is knowing if it aligns with your strengths. This will allow you to grow and reach your potential. When you’re in a job that allows for this, you are not only on your way to becoming a happier employee, but a happier person.