Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just high profile employees that get approached by other companies. The truth is anyone can attract the interest of hiring managers and recruiters and this includes you! To give yourself the best chance of attracting this attention you just need to follow these steps.


1.       Leverage LinkedIn

As you probably know, LinkedIn is a massive tool to utilize in the hiring process. You are probably on it but are you using it to its full potential. Make sure you’re using it in the following ways to attract hiring managers to your profile

Include examples of your work. This can include completed projects, presentations, articles or even videos you’ve created.

Get current and former coworkers to write recommendations for you. This instantly makes you more credible than the person who doesn’t include these

Share relevant blog posts or articles from leaders in your industry. Or if you have the time and fancy yourself a good writer, develop some original content of your own!


2.       Stay in Touch with Your Network

This doesn’t mean reaching out to all of your friends, current and former coworkers, and others in your circle once a week. Taking some time now and again to check in with these people to see how their lives and careers are going can go a long way when you are looking for a new job. In fact, they’ll probably reach out to you when they come across an opportunity they think you’ll be interested in. This is especially true if a position opens up within the company they work for.


3.       Find People that Will Back You

As the saying goes, “it’s all about who you know.” Just because a person you know can’t help you get your foot in the door doesn’t mean they don’t know someone who can. If you have a particular interest in working for a certain company, see if you know anyone who has a connection to someone that works there. Let the person know that you have an interest; and when a position opens up, it will increase your chances of being approached or targeted for the opening. To attract attention, you must first let your interest be known.