No matter how far along a person is in his career, transitioning into a new job always makes them nervous and stressed out. As a manager it’s important to reach out to newcomers on their first day to make this time a positive experience for them. This means going the extra mile outside the curriculum of their formal training to ensure they feel welcome in their unfamiliar environment. Here are a few ways you can do this.

Don’t Introduce Them To Everyone in One Day

When we do this we usually overwhelm the person. Think about a time when you met a bunch of people in a brief period of time. You may have remembered their names, but your knowledge of each person probably didn’t go much further than that. Instead of this start with a few key people, and instead of simply introducing them have the new hire spend some time with each of them and really get to know them.

Give Them a Tour of the Office

Take your new employees on a tour through their new workspace, but don’t make it short and mundane; show them the less traditional places along with the usual. For example, tell them where the best coffee is or the best spot to take a break. Introducing these little nuances of the office will make the new employee feel at home.

Make Lunch Plans With or For Them

Don’t make the new hire decide their lunch plans. The last thing you want is for the person to be sitting and eating alone in the cafeteria. Instead, make plans to have lunch with the person or ask one of the other employees if they can join them. You can even combine this tip with the previous by having them go to lunch with someone you know they’ll be working with a lot.

Make Yourself Available

It’s likely that the new hire will feel a bit overwhelmed and confused. This is why it’s important to make yourself available to him here and there throughout the day to check-in to see how he’s doing and if he might have any questions. If you make your employee more comfortable right off the bat, he will feel included quicker; and, ultimately this means he will be more excited to get to work.

Regardless of a person’s experience, his first day on the job always tends to be stressful. It will mean a lot to him if in the beginning you take these extra steps to make him feel comfortable. In the end, it will also save you time, as it will get him up and running quicker if you make this investment in his first few days.