When you’re ready for a management role but don’t have any first-hand managerial experience, you’re probably wondering how to bridge that gap. The great news is this sort of direct experience isn’t necessary. There are plenty of other ways you can prove you’re ready to take that next step in your career. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Lean On Your Transferable Skills

When you think of being a manager, you think of overseeing newer employees, giving presentations, creating schedules, and overseeing projects. While you may not have experience with all these, chances are you’ve done some of these things over the course of your career. On your resume and in person all you have to do is explain how the skills you acquired from your experiences transfer to your becoming a manager. If you’ve helped train new employees in the past or you’ve given presentations on a few occasions during meetings, then these are the types of experiences you should be highlighting.

Realize Your Expertise

If you’re looking to move into a manager position, it more than likely indicates you have certain levels of expertise in your field. This is extremely valuable, especially when it comes to education and helping employees beneath you. Having a high level of knowledge within your industry and the company puts you at a great advantage in your first managerial role. When you hit obstacles or hurdles, you’ll be able to lean on this knowledge to overcome. Industry and company expertise is an essential cornerstone of become a successful manager.

Consider Going Back to School

If you feel your transferable skills won’t cut it, then look to classes outside of work. There are tons of management and leadership courses that you can take to get certification. Having these types of certifications on your resume and LinkedIn will open the eyes of potential employers as they see you’re taking the initiative to take that next step in your career

Again, having direct managerial experience is not the only way to move into a leadership role. The fact is, everyone had their first managerial role at some point and it was because they proved themselves through their previous experiences. If you are looking to move into this type of position, it’s as simple as seeing what you’ve done and seeing how it transfers to your becoming a manager.