It happens to all of us over the course of our careers. We find a job that pays pretty well, we get along with our coworkers, and everything seems fine. We settle in and can see ourselves there for many years. Everything on the surface is ok…or is it? Are you truly growing in this position? Becoming better each day? These are the important parts of a job we may forget about when we become comfortable and even content with our current position. This is natural at times, but it’s something we all need to be wary of over the course of our careers. You don’t want to have too much time pass only to realize there’s little room for growth within your job and within the company as a whole.

In order to continually advance throughout your career you have to plan ahead before the dead ends occur. You must avoid complacency by consistently checking with yourself, asking yourself what you want out of your career and your life as a whole.

So, with that being said here are a few tips on how you can tell if it’s time to leave your current job to take the next big step in your career.


Your Job Level Has Remained Stagnant for an Extended Period of Time

If you have been in the same position at the same company for 2 plus years and see no way of growing or advancing, it is time to get that resume up to date and start job hunting.  2-3 years is enough time to expect some sort of promotion or advancement.  If nothing has occurred by then you should certainly begin looking elsewhere.


You’re No Longer Learning and Picking Up New Skills

If you are no longer challenged and learning new things, it may be time to look elsewhere. You don’t need to be learning something new everyday; but, you should be consistently challenging yourself and have other challenges brought your way for you to improve on your essential skills. This requires some self-motivation. You should be asking to get involved in new projects or requesting to take certain classes; but, if these possibilities aren’t being presented to you and every day seems monotonous and lacking challenge, then it’s probably time to move on.


You No Longer Receive Feedback from Your Superior

When your superior is no longer giving you constructive feedback, it becomes difficult to learn and advance within your job. This feedback is essential to develop and grow professionally. No one can improve on his own. We all need to learn from people more experienced than ourselves.


There is Constant Restructuring

If it’s becoming ordinary to see management changes and reorganization, it’s probably an indication that there are issues with upper management and there may be a lack of overall direction within the company. When changes like this are occurring, it’s possible you may have an opportunity to step up into a higher role.  If this isn’t the case, it could mean their focus on you and your career isn’t getting much attention  and probably won’t get much attention going forward.


You’re Getting Attention from Recruiters

While calls and emails from recruiters may be annoying, you should pay attention to them. It may not be a direct job offer; but, if you’re getting a lot of attention, it may mean your industry is hiring a lot people with your skill set right now. It never hurts to test the market when this situation arises. See which companies are hiring and the types of jobs that are opening up. It may just be the position that takes your career to that next level.