Problems can normally be categorized as a negative thing; but if there is such a thing as a good problem, having to choose between two perfect candidates for one role is one of them. Usually it is difficult to attract one outstanding, no brainer candidate for the job, let alone two. Although it is a problem, the great thing is no matter what, you are going to have yourself a terrific new employee.

This doesn’t mean it will be easy to choose though. When it comes time to decide between two people you want on your team, you have to ask yourself some tough, but necessary questions.

Your answers will give you clarity when it comes to their skills and overall cultural fit.

Know What Your Necessities Are

When it comes down to it, the candidate’s fit for the job is most important. As a hiring manager you have certainly already considered their skills and experience and how these all match up with what’s required. After considering them all, they are still at a dead tie for who is most qualified.

This means you have to take the competition to the next level by giving weight to each skill required from most important to least. Perhaps one candidate will have all of the top three while the other only has two of them, or perhaps certain experience is more important than other experience

To help you figure out what is most important, ask yourself what is the thing needed most out of this hire? Also consider not only the present potential but future as well. Who has the skills that will enable them to naturally grow with the organization into the future? By analyzing these key factors the picture will become clearer as to who has the slight edge.

Think Outside the Position

Cultural fit is a big deal when choosing the right candidate. Beyond considering who understands your organization, it’s values and what the mission is, you have to think about how the person is going to fit in around the office day after day. Does one candidate come from a similar work environment to yours?

A question you can ask yourself is which candidate would you rather head to happy hour with after work? It is difficult to predict how the person is going to interact with your office, but answering this question can put you on the right track.

Realize That Each Candidate May Have Options

Once you decide on a candidate, you have to realize that this doesn’t mean they will 100% accept the offer. They are probably both excited and seriously considering the job if they are this deep in the process, but there is more to the equation than simply making the offer and having them accept, no questions asked.

Consider each candidate’s level of experience and what they are probably expecting from a salary standpoint. Perhaps one candidate comes from a place with perks and bonuses that you can’t compete with. Perhaps making a quick offer to one of them will lead to a decline and losing both in the end, or waiting too long will lead to this result. Thinking about these things can be tricky; but when you consider them, it may further clear things up as to who you should go with.