Yes, hiring managers are looking at your social media accounts.

According to a 2016 survey, 60% of employers are using social media to research job candidates.

While most hiring managers aren’t intentionally looking for reasons to disqualify you as a candidate, it is possible they may find reasons while looking at your social media.

Negative Content Found by Hiring Managers

These are the most common pieces of content that can turn off hiring managers:

  • > Inappropriate or provocative pictures, videos, or information
  • > Information about a candidate drinking or using drugs
  • > Discriminatory comments about race, religion, gender, etc
  • > Bad-mouthing a previous company or employee
  • > Poor communication skills

Don’t think you need to go out and delete or hide all of your social media accounts. More than 40% of hiring managers say they are less likely to interview a job candidate if they are unable to find information about that candidate online.

Social media is not your enemy while job searching. It can actually be your biggest ally.

Positive Content Found by Hiring Managers

These are a list of items found by hiring managers that actually caused them to hire a candidate:

  • > Background information that supported job qualifications
  • > Social media conveyed a professional image
  • > Candidate’s personality came across as a good fit with the company culture
  • > Candidate displays a wide range of interests
  • > Great communication skills

Social media is an opportunity to display your skills, interests, personality, and anything else that cannot be covered on a resume or cover letter.  It’s important to show yourself in a positive manner, especially when searching for a job.

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