Trust is an essential aspect of not just personal relationships, but professional ones as well. However, just because it is so important doesn’t mean it is easily attainable. Trust needs to be earned. People have to first prove that they deserve it from us before we give it to them.

Proving that trust can be difficult. It may take time as certain individuals may need more evidence than others. With that being said there are a few habits that you can begin to abide today allow people to
see your trustworthiness over time.

Consistently Follow Through

Create a track record of always completing what you said you were going to do. This means always meeting the expectations and deadline that you were given. Falling short once or twice can set you back
indefinitely. So if you feel that expectation are unrealistic or do won’t have enough time to finish a project, get out in-front of it. State that you will need more time beforehand rather than asking for it the day of the deadline.

Go the Extra Mile

A trustworthy person does not just meet expectations, they exceed them. They do not just do the bare minimum, they do it exceptionally well.

Having a reputation for going the extra mile allows people to have that confidence in you to not only get things done, but have them done well.

Stay Out of Gossip

Participating in this is a one-way ticket to not being trusted. At times, it can be easy to fall into. You find yourself with some other employees and they begin talking about someone behind their back. It is best to walk away from this situation or at least attempt to change the subject. People need to know when you tell them something you are not going to turn around and say something else.

When You Make a Mistake, Own It

Everyone messes up occasionally, but not everyone can admit it. People who are trustworthy not only admit their mistakes, but they take immediate action to fix it and learn from it for the future. Making excuses or trying to hide mistakes is never solution. It is a sure-fire way to get people to not trust you.

Be Authentic

Similar to the aforementioned habit, you must always say and do what you mean. In other words, always be genuine. Don’t have a different personality for different situations or people you’re around.
Having this type of consistency will instill into the others that they are always going to get a trustworthy answer or response.

Never assume, or expect, to have a person’s trust right away, especially if you are new within a company. Focus on yourself and these habits so people make no mistake that you are trustworthy.