For many individuals a break every now and again is welcomed – spending time with friends and family, going on vacation, shutting off email. Many welcome this with open arms.

But for some individuals, like entrepreneurs and business owner’s, things like this aren’t welcomed at all. They feel like a day off is a waste of a day when they could have been improving themselves or their business. Both thought processes are understandable; but with the holidays upon us, we are going to tell you why it’s o to take a break this time of year.


They Make You More Productive

Productive because of a break? This may seem impossible, but it’s not. As we all know, doing our best work requires energy and focus. Last we checked, no human has an endless supply of energy 24/7. When you rest or exert your energy in different ways, such as exercising or reading a book, it enables you to return to your work recharged and ready to go.


Relaxation Inspires Creativity

Ever heard someone say that they get their best thinking done in the shower? Or have you ever had a creative block all day at work and after an hour lunch break you sit down and something comes to you instantly? This is a direct result of dopamine which is what ultimately stimulates creativity. Doing things that make you feel good and relaxed releases dopamine and this allows us to do some of our best thinking. So escaping the day-to-day grind to spend time elsewhere can lead you to that “aha” moment.


Now is the Best Time

Except for a select few industries, many businesses tend to slow down around the holidays. With so many people in and out of work to travel and see family, it’s difficult to get a lot done. Because of this, there is no better time to step away and recharge the batteries? When there is a lot going on and things are busy, it can be impossible to take a break, even for a few minutes. With that in mind, take advantage of this slow time of the year. Think of it this way, you will be able to have more energy for those days and nights where relaxation and rest are hard to come by.