It’s easy to sit back and relax this time of year. Even if you are searching for a new job, you might have already decided to put the search on hold for the next few weeks so you can enjoy the holidays. Obviously, this is fine and in many ways, it is what the holidays are for. However, did you ever consider that December might be one of best times to search for and land a job? Here are a few reasons why this may be true.


Less Competition


While the holidays are a time to relax, let’s be honest — it’s also a time where people are running around stressed out trying to prepare for them. Good news is, from a job search standpoint, this eliminates some of the competition for the jobs that are still open. Since fewer people are applying for these jobs, it can give you a better chance to standout.


Companies Realize They Have Extra Funds in the Budget


There are job openings that occur because of necessity, and then there are those that open simply because the company just realized they can afford it. This type of job opening happens now and again, especially at the end of the year when companies are taking a deeper look at their yearly budgets  So don’t be surprised if there are suddenly more job postings at the end of the year. If you want to enjoy your holidays, it’s still a good idea to check those job postings now and again.Something may open up that you didn’t expect.


It’s a Great Time of the Year to Network


The holidays present many opportunities to be social. Whether that be company holiday parties or seeing family you haven’t seen in awhile, all are excellent opportunities to get your foot in the door of that new job. All of these gathering are great to let people know what you’ve been doing and what you want next out of your career.


Recruiters Have More Time to Assist You


While everyone else is experiencing slow work days during the holidays, so are recruiters. This means they become even more eager and excited to help you out! They will have more time to help you with your resume and get to really know you. It also means they’ll be even more responsive when they see a job opening that’s a good fit for you.