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77% of candidates are passive job seekers, candidates who are happy in their current roles, but opportunistic. At JDI, we can connect you with these candidates because we have spent almost a decade building relationships with them.


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We are passionate about the hospitality industry!

Our client base includes boutique hotels, major brands, luxury hotels, world class resorts, and independent hotels. Year after year, our clients retain our team to help them find top-talent in the marketplace. Whether the position is at property level or corporate level, we apply the same exacting standards to our search. With over a decade of experience in the hotel and resort industry, our team is equipped to assist our clients in the search of Management, Director and VP level candidates across the sales, marketing, operations, finance, revenue management, food and beverage and human resource verticals. Some positions we typically fill in the hospitality industry are:

-Chief Executive Officer
-Chief Operations Officer
-Chief Technology Officer
-Chief Financial Officer
-Vice President of Sales & Marketing
-Vice President of Operations
-Vice President of Revenue
-Vice President of Finance
-Vice President of Human Resources
-Vice President of Asset Management
-Vice President of Marketing
-General Manager/Managing Director
-Director of Sales and Marketing
-Director of Revenue
-Director of Finance
-Director of Operations
-Director of Food and Beverage
-Director of Engineering
-Director of Housekeeping
-Director of Human Resources
-Sales Manager
-Executive Chef

We believe it takes talent to find talent, and that’s why our team is comprised of tremendously talented, executive level, veteran recruiters with successful relationships in the hospitality industry, and a deep understanding of how the industry operates.

We respect your time-we know that time is money!

Your time should never be wasted interviewing candidates who are not an ideal match for your company. JDI consultants make sure to address the intangibles that are involved when hiring a new employee. From experience, we know about the less obvious details that must be addressed, such as, benefits, travel time, advancement opportunities, cultural fit, personality, relocation, etc. We have an in-depth interview with each candidate we present– learning as much as possible about their professional background, personality, education, and training. We pry into their management metric accomplishments and their leadership competencies.

Our consultants are not afraid to ask the “hard” questions. Knowledge is power! We believe it is crucial to know as much about a candidate as possible. Knowing all the intimate details about a candidate ensures that you are presented with the highest qualified candidates. We focus on what the candidate truly wants from this change, and we will address any red flag areas before they are presented to you. We believe that the extra time spent with each candidate is crucial for you, as well as the candidate.

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Our consultants not only have the networking experience to attract these candidates, but we are also experts on how to “market” your position to candidates. In addition, we have an extensive candidate database that we have developed during our years in the industry. We execute each search with a mix of market research, database analysis and cold-call sourcing. This ensures a current, relevant view of the market from which to choose the best candidates.

At JDI, we are servant leaders in everything we do. What does this mean? It means that whether in our company, with our clients, with our candidates or in our community; we believe that we are commissioned to do more than serve ourselves. All too often, we see companies that are self-serving, and the unfortunate result is companies hiring the wrong candidate, candidates accepting the wrong job, and executive search firms garnering a poor reputation.

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