The job search brings with it many ups and downs. There are days you feel you are on the cusp of a breakthrough and other days you feel like it’s simply never going to end. At times you just feel stuck and you don’t know what your next move should be. So what do you do when this feeling hits? Here are some things you can do to regain that momentum.


Give Your Resume a New Look


Your resume may seem finished, but there are always ways you can jazz it up. Don’t be afraid to utilize different colors, fonts, and maybe some different visuals such as charts and graphs. Having your resume look a little different can be that nudge you’re looking for to get noticed more often. If you have trouble thinking of something from scratch, there are plenty of templates out there that you can build off of. Don’t be afraid to get a little outside the box when it comes to your resume.


Create Your Own Personal Website


More and more professionals are deciding to build a personal website for themselves. It’s a way to separate yourself from the pack, and it allows you to display who you are beyond your one or two-page resume. A website can really give someone insight into your true personality; whereas, on a resume you are limited to relevant skills and experiences that apply to the position. This comes in handy when a company is focused on finding a candidate that will fit in well with the other employees.


Have Your Cover Letter Begin with a Personal Story


Having your letter start with a tale about yourself will immediately grab the reader’s attention, and what’s better is that they’ll remember you afterward. If possible, have the story relate to why you’re applying for the position. Perhaps a series of career turns has lead you to this perfect opportunity. The hiring managers would love to hear that! They are use to seeing the same old cover letter over and over. By including a personal anecdote that ties together with the position, it will stand out in their minds and give you a better chance of being remembered.

Just because your job search is in a rut doesn’t mean it has to remain that way. Try these different strategies to regain that momentum and get yourself right back on track!