So you’ve got the attention of a recruiter and it’s time for an interview. Awesome! But now how should you prepare for an interview like this? Should you go into it with the same mindset you would for an interview with a hiring manager at the company? In a few ways, yes; but you must realize it’s not the same. Here are a few tips and strategies to consider before that first interview with a recruiter.

Validate to Them Quickly That You Meet the Job Requirements

It’s not the recruiter’s job to see if you will be able to handle the finer details of the job. That type of questioning comes from the hiring manager. The recruiter wants to make sure you meet the basic requirements of the job. That being said, prior to the interview you should review the job description closely. Take away the key requirements from the description and indicate during the interview how you believe your strengths align with these requirements.

Show Passion for the Role

More often than not, a recruiter will be interviewing other candidates with similar skill sets to yours for a position. So how can you stand out? You can make yourself look unique in this situation by showing a noticeable passion and excitement for the role. Do this by showing excitement for a particular aspect of the job, or how you’d be elated to represent company xyz. Showing that you have excitement along with the right skills will go a long way in the initial interview with a recruiter.

If Possible Indicate You’d Be a Good Fit within the Company’s Culture

If you are excited and passionate for a position, it’s probably because you think you are going to fit the company’s culture. The good news is the recruiter will be looking for this during the interview. There are the obvious questions like “Does he/she have the right skills” and does “he/she have the right experience?”, but the next thing they will be looking for is if you are a strong cultural fit. “Will he/she fit in with company xyz and its employees?” To separate yourself from other candidates, you must demonstrate you’re a good fit. Here are some ways you can show the recruiter you’re a good fit during the interview.

Understand that the recruiter has already chosen to interview you because, on paper, you are a great match for the job. During this initial interview, they want to see the other intangibles that make the perfect fit for the position and the company as a whole.