Everyone wants to be more creative and for good reason. It is expected that by 2020 it will be the third most important skill for job seekers. This may scare you if you think creativity is something you’re born with. Some may be more creative than others, but the good news is that it’s a skill that everybody can work on.

Here are 5 ways to exercise your creative muscles on a daily basis.


Go for a Walk

Research tells us that this simple act can increase your creativity. So take a lap around the office or even within the office. All that matters is that you move around for a bit.


Speak Your Mind and Debate

The best ideas don’t arise from nothing. It usually takes some discussion and bouncing those ideas off others to reach the best possible outcome. Be a part of environments that encourage discussion and don’t be afraid to speak your mind in your next conversation.


Produce Original Content

If creating content is not a part of your job, find ways to make it be a part of your work. This can mean creating a blog for your company or contributing to an existing one. Content needs to be created regardless of what type of work you do, so seek out opportunities to contribute.


Allow Your Brain to Wander

Have you ever realized that some of your great realizations or ideas come when your mind is completely turned off; for example, when you take a shower. Our brains are not designed for always focusing; therefore to boost creativity, it is helpful to let our minds wander when we are on autopilot performing routine tasks.  


Make Use of Your Vacation Days

Working on the same thing every day and sticking to a routine are great, but after some time we can start to go through the motions and lose sight of what we are trying to accomplish. A vacation enables us to take a step back, reset and return with a fresh frame of mind. This allows us to have a better perspective and be more creative.