We all know that when it comes to landing a new gig, salary negotiation is unavoidable. This is true for good reason. You want to be paid fairly and you do not want to have any regrets later on.

To negotiate properly, you have to be prepared and this means putting the work and research in before the actual discussion. Here are some things you should investigate to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Salary Range

Look on websites such as PayScale and Indeed to look at salaries within your field. You’ll want to know the average and take into account factors such as experience and location.

Assess Your Needs

It is fine to want a lot of money, but this should not be your main motivator in the discussion. Everyone wants to make as much as possible, but coming across this way to your new employer won’t be the best foot to start out on.

Think about how much you need to live your life. What is your student loan situation? How much are you looking to save for retirement? These are the things you really have to consider before wanting enough for that brand-new car or fancy vacation.

What Are You Bringing to the Company?

Do you have a special set of skills or a certificate that places you above average employees at this level? Do you have something beyond a Bachelor’s Degree? If you have a certain thing that puts you above average, this should be brought up in the discussion, if the employer is not ready to compensate you for it already.

What Do Others That You Know Within the Industry Make?

This can be awkward to find out, but having this knowledge will put a number in your head as to what you should be asking your employer for.

Doing this research beforehand is crucial to having a successful salary talk with your new employer. The last thing you want is to go in blind and have regrets later, when you know you were capable of asking for more.