Job searching isn’t what it was 20 years ago. Just like anything else, the process has evolved. Some strategies have remained intact while others have become outdated and are best left untouched. During a job hunt, you may be recommended to try all sorts of tips – some good, some bad. Here are a few tips or strategies that may come your way; but due to the evolution of job searching, you should stay away from them.

1. Apply Blindly Without First Speaking to Someone Directly

Today, it is very easy to submit your resume and job application blindly without communicating directly with someone at the company. Although this is convenient, it can be a complete waste of time. Always try to communicate with someone before applying. Do this with the intent of sending your resume directly to that person so you know it will be read. Building a relationship with someone at the company puts a face to your resume and betters your chance of being asked to come in for that first interview.

2. Stay With Your Current Employer and Work Your Way to the Top

This piece of advice, in some cases, can be outdated; however, it’s possible for it to be true. Within some companies, there is plenty of room for growth if you are dedicated and committed. But, if you are not at a company that offers growth potential, don’t be afraid to move on. Don’t waste years remaining stagnant when there are so many opportunities out there. Stay open to other opportunities that will allow you to grow, as it is often the route to success.

3. Apply Anywhere and Everywhere

Cast a big enough net and you’ll catch at least a few fish, right? Maybe, when it comes to fishing, but not when you’re job hunting. When it comes to finding a job, it is better to go with quality over quantity. Focus on a few jobs that you really want, and try to start a dialog with those who make decisions there. As mentioned earlier, this will go a lot further than just sending a lot of blind resumes.

4. Show Up Unannounced

A rather outdated strategy is dropping by an employer’s office unannounced. This used to be viewed as taking the initiative and as a way to standout; but, today, it may be viewed as disrespectful and rude. The hiring manager has a busy schedule with plenty of other things on his plate besides hiring someone for that position. Showing up to meet him unannounced can send the wrong message, indicating you don’t care about what else he has going on.

5. Using the Same Resume for Every Application

It’s important to structure your resume differently for each position you apply for. While it’s possible your resume covers a variety of jobs, each position will have a unique job description with different keywords you should be trying to hit on. Make sure your resume reflects these keywords and specific tasks that the job requires.