Job search advice is great and all, but let’s face it, there’s a lot of information out there. So much so that it can get a bit overwhelming and start to make you question what’s legitimate and what’s bogus.

The job search is mind consuming and stressful: you don’t need your advice to be the same. To boil things down, we came up with these 5 basic job search tips. They are the fundamentals that every job hunter out there needs to know.


Make Yourself an Obvious Fit for the Position

When you apply for a position online, your resume goes through a standard system. It is first screened by an applicant tracking system, and if it passes through there, it is then read over by human eyes. This is usually a lower level HR person who is not aware of all the specific details of the job. They are told to look for a few key attributes.

Due to the straightforwardness of these first two stages, it is in your best interest to make it simple for the tracking system and the HR rep. You want to connect their “This is what we’re looking for” with “This is what I can bring to the job and the organization.”

To do this, study the job description in detail and gather any other info you can on the position. Mirror your words and phrases on your resume with those on the job description. Highlight your strengths that match what they’re looking for.


Don’t Rely Solely On Online Applications

There is no better way to make your job search go on for months on end. To really get the ball rolling, you must put some more work in once you submit the online application. After you submit, begin searching and connecting with people at the company. If possible, try to schedule an informational interview with someone there to gain further insight into the job and the company. Doing things like this will put you on their radar.

By doing this you instantly set yourself apart from other candidates. Decision makers meet first with candidates who come recommended from employees within the company before meeting with other candidates who simply applied and took no action after.


You Can Always Edit and Alter Your Resume and LinkedIn

This aligns with the first tip in that you always want to put yourself in the best position to matchup with the job requirements. You can always modify your bullet points with wording that better fits the job description.

When you make these edits, it is always important to turn off your activity broadcasts on your LinkedIn. You don’t want current coworkers or your manager to become suspicious by seeing all the changes you make.


You Rarely Get the Job Because You Are The Most Professional and Polished

Being both professional and polished is important in the hiring process, but its not the end-all be-all by any means. If you go overboard with this, it can translate the wrong way and the hiring manager might see you as boring. They’ll think you’re acting and not being genuine.

Give yourself room to let your personality shine through and be yourself. People want to see this side of you to make sure you fit the company’s culture.

So have the right combo. Be professional and polished, but also remember to relax and be yourself.


The Thank You is Important

Sending thank you emails after an interview session to each interviewer is critical. One main reason for this is it can immediately set you apart from other candidates if you’re in a tight race. If you send thank you’s and another candidate does not, well, advantage you!

It’s also important not to be too robotic in your messages. Craft a genuine email for each interviewer immediately upon returning to a computer after the interview. In each you can include a personal note such as, “I appreciated your telling me a little bit about your story and how you arrived at “company name”. Not only are you saying thank you here but you’re also indicating you were engaged and paying attention throughout your conversation with them.

There you have it. 5 go-to job search tips to help you make the most of this process. If you hone in on these 5 tips and put them into action, you’ll be on your way to landing that new gig in no time.