5 Executive Interview Pet Peeves from Hiring-Decision Makers

While most of the hiring process is subjective, we have selected the top 5 executive interview behaviors that may ruin your chances at landing that dream job.

Top Interview Pet Peeves

Candidate treats assistants, receptionist, or lower-level staff poorly. A 2009 survey reported that 6 out of 10 executives consider their assistant’s opinion when evaluating candidates. Hiring managers, executives, and the HR department may be taking notes on your behavior towards these members of staff, so be sure to mind your manners.

Candidate is inappropriately dressed. Never feel that your resume speaks for you. That first impression is critical – always dress to impress.

Candidate takes too much credit for team accomplishments. Don’t oversell your role in team and organizational accomplishments. Be prepared to define your role and contributions to those accomplishments as well. You need to find the balance between displaying your leadership and giving credit to other employees and team members.

Candidate does not show enough knowledge of prospective employer. How can you prove your value to a company if you haven’t done your homework? You should try to discover as much as you can about the company history, mission, business practices, and more.

Candidate does not ask insightful questions. If you’ve done your due diligence before the interview, then you should have also thought of a few questions to ask at the interview. Make sure your questions are appropriate, and not too simple. Also, save questions about salary and benefits for the HR department. If you need help on thinking of some appropriate questions see our blog post “What Questions Should You Ask (and Not Ask) During Your Hospitality Interview?”

The interview is perhaps the most critical part of the job-search process. It’s important to show the best possible side of yourself.

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