As adults, starting a new job is one of the most important transitions we experience. It is exciting but also comes with its fair share of stress and pressure.

If you are a manager, it is important to make a good first impression on a new employee in the way you welcome them aboard during their first few days. So along with any formal training, it’s important to incorporate some of your own activities.

Here are a few ways to help new employees transition into their new jobs that are different from traditional training and onboarding processes.

Connect Them With Others Within the Company

When a new employee joins the team, he is going to meet a ton of new people. Because of this, it is hard for him to remember everyone and exactly what they do.

To make these introductions more memorable and meaningful, put together a list of key people you want the person to meet and provide some background, their name, title and role within the company. Also, let them know of any commonalities they may have with a particular person. For example, perhaps both played a sport in college. This will help the new person better remember certain individuals and be an excellent start to forging strong work relationships.

Make Sure They Have Lunch Plans

Be sure the new employee is incorporated in lunch plans, whether it be with you or you and other employees you want them to meet. Nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting alone in the cafeteria or wondering if you missed everyone heading out for lunch. After a few weeks you can also plan a happy hour which will allow the person to better know the other employees in an out of-work setting.

Give Them Important Resources to Go Over

Put together a few important resources for the new employee to go over. This can include reports, the company website or important marketing materials. Items such as these are valuable in helping new individuals get acclimated with their new environment

Make Yourself Available

The last thing you want is for the person to have a question or need something and he can’t find you. It is natural for the person to have questions when having so much new material being thrown at him. In order for him to properly learn everything, he needs to ask questions and it’s best for you to be there to answer them. Furthermore, the more comfortable you can make him feel, the quicker he will feel a part of the team. This ultimately means he will become a productive employee for your organization faster!