We all have these people in our lives. The person who is always getting attention from recruiters about cool jobs every month. They get these calls, it seems, without putting in any effort. You ask yourself how do they do it? What is their secret?

There is no exact way to go about it, but when it comes to attracting this attention there are things that all of these individuals have in common. Here are four of them.

They Constantly Refresh Their Network

It happens to all of us. Out of the blue that person you haven’t heard from in years reaches out to you asking to be introduced to your boss or someone else you work with, to help them get a job.

Not the greatest feeling when someone is being nice to you only to get their foot in the door.
While you may help a person like this, there is a chance others won’t.

People who are always being recruited don’t operate this way. They realize the importance of remaining connected with people of influence.

The great thing is it doesn’t take a ton of effort to stay “top of mind” with these individuals. This is especially true nowadays because of LinkedIn. Remaining “top of mind” assures people will think of you when an opportunity arises in their organization.

They Consistently Add to Their Skills

Along with their network, people who are consistently getting recruited also keep their skills up to date.

This means not only honing the skills required at your current job, but assessing the skill demand in your industry and building new ones from that. With the plethora of affordable courses and online tutorials available to professionals today, you shouldn’t rely on just your employer to train you and help you develop skills.

At the end of the day it is your responsibility to develop your skills to be in-demand by recruiters.

They Make Themselves Available and Easy to Find

The people being found are being found for a reason. They are not hidden, but rather positioning themselves in the right way online.

This is obviously most easily accomplished via LinkedIn, but it’s not just by having a profile. Your profile needs to align through keywords and messaging with the types of positions you’d like to have next.

They Keep Their Resume Ready

It’s a moment we all want to avoid. That amazing opportunity arises and you don’t have a resume ready to share.

Unfortunately, it happens to many people. They are content with their current job so they don’t keep an updated resume and when that opportunity comes, and they are not prepared.

From here it usually becomes too daunting to update your resume so quickly and the person lets the opportunity pass by.

Those who are being recruited never get caught in this situation. They update their resumes at least every month, if not every two weeks or so. Do this and when opportunity strikes, you’ll be ready.