Being in a managerial position has its ups and downs. You and your team will run into issues and problems now and again; and you, as the leader, will have a large impact on how the group gets through them. In tough times, they will look to you for a morale boost and reassurance, and look to you first for a way to get the team moving in the right direction. Here are a few ways you, as the leader, can keep your team up and performing at a high level.

Have a Positive Attitude

Being negative and bringing a negative attitude to a difficult situation will never help. Your negativity will spread throughout the group, making it even harder for you and your team to work through the situation. If you are upset and feeling negative, take some time to be upset – remove yourself and give yourself some space for a few moments. If you have someone you trust, talk your frustrations through with them to come up with a positive way to address the group and begin working through the problem. The first step to working through a difficult time is having a positive attitude.

Take a Break When You Hit a Slump

It’s natural, when working hard at something, that we all have those moments of brain fog where the brain seems like it’s lacking that certain creative spark. This means it’s time for a break. Take your team outside and go for a walk, if the weather permits, or go get a bite to eat. Anything that will get your minds away from what you are doing for a bit. You and your team will return and feel creatively rejuvenated!

Constantly Innovate and Create New Processes

Your team is not going to stay stagnant. People will come and go, and individuals will always be growing and learning new things themselves. Old ways of doing things can be reliable, but don’t feel the need to cling to processes that aren’t working for your team anymore.

This is your chance to create a new process with the help of your team! This will allow everyone to have a say in the creation of something important

Take Care of Yourself

While you’re busy leading your team and trying to make sure everyone is involved and feeling good, it can be easy to lose sight of your self-care.

Take some time to escape on your own. This doesn’t necessarily mean going away for a whole week. Instead, take tiny escapes like reading a book for pleasure, exercising, or watching that movie you’ve been meaning to see. These seem like small escapes, but they can mean all the difference, leaving you revitalized and recharged.