It’s a common feeling we all get when leaving a job. You should be happy and excited for your new opportunity, but instead you feel guilt. You start to question your decision as you feel like you’re letting everyone down by leaving. Suddenly you feel like your best option is to hide behind your desk for the next two weeks to avoid having to face anybody.

While this is natural it’s not the way you should be feeling. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty.

You’re Expected to Develop and Grow Throughout Your Career

Your coworkers are in the same boat as you. They are all trying to develop and grow, and if a better opportunity came along for them they would leave as well. If any of them seem irritated it’s most likely their frustration with having to find someone new or change things up in the wake of your departure.

You Should Never Remain at a Company Out of Guilt

This is a no-win situation. You’re doing yourself and the company a disservice if you remain there because you think they can’t survive without you. Over time you’ll begin to resent your work and become unproductive, thus hurting your career and the company. Yes your company may have a minor setback after you leave, but eventually will find your replacement and move on.

You Should Be Enjoying Your Last Two Weeks

Chances are if you’re feeling guilty it means you’ve enjoyed your time there. So why change this during the last few weeks? Enjoy this remaining time with your colleagues who you’ve developed meaningful relationships with. Also keep in mind that starting a new job is both time and mind consuming, so you may not be able to keep in touch with these people for a while.

If the Company Had to Lay You Off They Wouldn’t Feel Guilty

Imagine if the tables were turned. If the company had to make budget cuts and your position was expendable, would they think twice about letting you go? The answer is no. It’s a business decision when it comes down to it. Nothing personal. You should feel the same way about leaving. It’s nothing personal, you’re simply capitalizing on an opportunity to grow and advance your career.

It is natural to feel some guilt when leaving a job, especially if it’s one you really enjoyed. Just realize that this is part of life and your career. If your coworkers have truly been on your side they will be happy for you, so enjoy your remaining time with them and prepare yourself for that next challenge on the horizon!