When we think of the job search process the words “good time” do not usually come to mind. Words like stressful, tedious, and difficult are more usual and there is no doubt at times these are accurate descriptions. However, the whole process does not need to feel this way; rather, you can actually make the job search process enjoyable. Here are three ways you can make the search for your new job more fun.


Be Open Minded

While searching for a job, we have the tendency to be too narrow minded. We may be looking for that one specific role or only looking within an industry. You may be dead set on one of these things and, if so, that is ok. But if you are willing to perhaps try something new, expand your search by considering other positions and industries. You may surprise yourself by finding something you never knew you liked or, who knows, maybe even begin a whole new career for yourself.


Use Tools and Skills You Enjoy

The way you go about your search should mimic the tools and skills you enjoy. For example, if you enjoy connecting and talking with people, tailor your search to fit these strong suits. Go out, introduce yourself, and network. You will find the experience much more enjoyable than you would sitting behind a computer sending emails and filling out applications.


Celebrate Milestones

It’s important not to have the job acquisition be the only milestone you reward yourself for. Obviously, it is the main goal, but along the way give yourself a pat on the back for the smaller accomplishments. The job search journey can take you all kinds of places and you will endure peaks and valleys. For example, if you prepare for days and make it through a 4-hour round of intense interviews, have a mini celebration. Go see a movie with some friends or attend that concert you want to go to. Taking time to recognize these small accomplishments will certainly make the entire process more enjoyable.