In all walks of life people want to feel important. This is especially true in the workplace. No one wants to feel like a number that can be replaced at any moment.

If you’re a manager and you want your employees to stick around awhile, it’s not the best idea to foster this type of environment. People will feel pressured all the time and you’ll come to see that employees are always coming and going.

So how can you make sure this doesn’t happen? How can you build an environment where your employees feel valued and want to stay long-term? Try these 3 simple strategies that will certainly go a long way.


Go the Extra Mile with Simple Conversations

Regardless of the atmosphere, just about every workplace has “everyone is replaceable” mindset to a degree. As a manager it’s important to limit this notion as much as possible to make your employees feel valued. One way to do this is to convey to employees exactly what they add to the team.

To do this, consider the everyday conversations you have with your employees. When you assign a task don’t ask the person to do it in way that says anyone can do it. Ask them to do it and tell them why you think they’re the right person for the job. Perhaps they did something a few weeks ago that indicates they’ll be able to do this new task well. When you do this, you’re recognizing the contributions they’re making and it allows them to feel valued and irreplaceable.


Show Them When Others Recognize Them

While recognition is a great way to encourage employees, it can become a bit redundant coming from just a manager time and time again. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it regularly, but it will help if you can show your employees recognition from elsewhere.

As a manager, if your employees did a great job on something, there’s a good chance you will get wind of it from elsewhere. It could be a client, one of their coworkers, or maybe even executives. Regardless of who it is, outside recognition can go a long way, even further than recognition from you. When you hear from another source that an employee of yours did well, share it with the employee. This further makes it clear just how much of an impact their work has on the company.


Give Them Important Challenging Projects

As a manager, it’s easy to hand out repetitive, day-to-day grunt work. The fact is, it’s necessary and most jobs come with it. However, if this is the only work you’re assigning to employees, sooner or later they are going to move on to a place where they’ll be challenged and, you guessed it, feel more valued. By handing out the same tasks day after day you’re conveying that you don’t need their specific talents.

By assigning important projects that challenge the individual, you’re making it clear that you trust them to get it done the right way. Consistently develop these new challenges every now and again, and even encourage the employees to come up with some of their own they want to work on. By doing this you will build confident, self-starting employees who want to stick around long-term.