First and foremost, if you were recently promoted – congratulations! However, while you should certainly acknowledge the accomplishment, it’s also important to realize that a new challenge awaits and it won’t all be easy. To excel in your new role, avoid falling into these traps.

Thinking You’re Clear of All the Work You Used to Do

As you will come to find out,  not everything changes over night. You will probably have to stick with old projects that are not quite near completion and there may be a lag effect before you take on new projects or handle new clients in your new role. So it may be a few weeks before you are completely in your new position.

To help yourself in this transition, find someone who went through something similar and take them to lunch or coffee to pick their brain. Or see what sort of training your organization offers for beginning new management positions.

Becoming too Arrogant

The worst thing is to feel like you are suddenly the best thing to happen to your organization. You should not feel like your ideas should get a round of applause or, even worse, that no one is capable of having a better idea than you.

Having this type of attitude will ultimately lead to people resenting you, and your employees will not want to do what you ask of them. Instead, remain humble and a team player. Focus on how the team can succeed not on how only you can.

Getting Swept Away by Sudden Attention from Recruiter

When you update things like your LinkedIn, it is not uncommon to receive more messages or even phone calls from recruiters. It can be a good feeling to feel wanted, but tread lightly. You do not want to suddenly be giving less time and focus to the very people that got you this position in the first place.

As a rule of thumb, focus solely on your new position for six months to confirm with your superiors that they made the right decision. If after six months you think it may not be the best fit, then it is fine to begin searching elsewhere.