Being a leader/manager is, in many ways, a balancing act. You have to stay atop your employees and be stern with them, but at the same time, earn their respect and create an atmosphere they want to return to everyday. At the end of the day, this second part is very important because, if you want to attract talented and highly productive employees, an atmosphere such as this is essential. Here are few ways you can create this atmosphere:

Change Your Mindset

No one steps into a leadership position thinking they want to become a bad leader, but even those with the best intentions have their shortcomings. Accept the fact that you should always be evolving and looking to make changes for the positive. Find out exactly how you’re doing by asking your employees if they’d recommend your department to others. If the answer is not a resounding yes, ask them what changes you could make to have them recommend you, and from their answer, make the applicable changes.

Become a Strong Communicator

Communication is obviously essential to being an effective leader. When you are transparent with your employees, it creates an atmosphere full of trust. By communicating frequently and clearly, you leave out any ambiguity between you and your employees. To really take communication to the next level, think twice before texting or emailing an employee next time. Instead, if they are close by, pop in and communicate with them face to face. When your employees see you going the extra mile to do small things like this, it can go a long way for you and the work environment you’re creating for your employees.

Put Other’s Needs Before Your Own

This is another way you can go the extra mile for your employees and make a lasting impression on them. A great way to consider your employees’ needs before your own is by taking their personal lives into consideration from time to time. For example, if an employee’s son or daughter is home sick, tell them to go home to take care of them. Small things like this, where you recognize personal needs sometimes outweigh your needs and the company’s, will create loyal employees who enjoy your work atmosphere.