Today we operate in a world where more is always seen as better. This is true in our work lives as well. To become the star employee we want to be, we think we have to be the first to arrive and the last to leave, clocking 9-10 hour days at the office.

However, the reality is this is not necessary for professional growth and success. You can achieve more job satisfaction and be your manager’s go-to employee in many ways. You just have to be incredibly efficient and do an awesome job on everything during the hours you are in the office. Here are three things you can begin doing today to make this happen.

Be Present

During your hours in the office you should consistently be engaged. In your team meetings and one-on-one conversations, that means always being tuned in and not having your phone or laptop out thinking you can multitask. This is one sure way to tell others you don’t care about your job or your coworkers. Instead, be engaged by asking questions and show you are listening by giving feedback and context.

Check in with Your Manager Consistently

Meeting regularly with your manager is important in your progress and overall career growth. When you meet one-on-one with him, it gives you the ability to ask for help on things and to discuss the bigger picture like career goals. It also strengthens your relationship and your ability to work together.

By reaching out to your boss and regularly scheduling these meetings, it assures him you’re taking your job and career seriously and that you care about the impact you’re having on the organization.

Be Able to Say No Once in a While

Going the extra mile is a great characteristic to have. Every organization can use that person that volunteers to lead a project or help a coworker who is incredibly busy. It shows you have a can-do attitude.

But with this attitude you have to be able to say no once in a while. Knowing when and how to turn down requests is as important as knowing when to say yes. Clogging up your to-do list is a surefire way to get yourself overwhelmed.

As a result of saying yes to everything, your work quality will start to suffer and you may even begin to miss deadlines. Here bigger is not better. It’s important to show your ability to execute high quality work – not to show how much you can fit on your plate.

Start doing these three things more often and you will for sure begin to feel better about your job and career.