The candidate experience has always been important, but it has become paramount in recent years.

The main reason being that top talent has options, and they know it. They are always aware of all the minor details of prospective employers along with the hiring process.

It’s important to make sure your candidate experience is top notch. Here are a few ways you can ensure this.

Realize Everyone is a Potential Candidate, Not Just Applicants

Whether someone is actively looking for a job or not, they are all candidates. Even those who like their jobs are capable of noticing an enticing opportunity.

When planning your candidate experience, do not just think about your application process and career page but also consider all the other ways people come into contact with your company. Social media and review sites like Glassdoor are important when it comes to your organization’s reputation.

The great thing is you can use these platforms to your advantage. Post engaging content on your social pages that give people a glimpse into what your company is like. Who knows.

Through outlets like this you may find the right candidate who may not have been actively job searching in the first place.

Have Consistent Communication

We are used to consistent communication in today’s world, particularly with companies we buy from. We are told when packages are delivered and when our favorite brands are having a sale.

However, when it comes to job applications, we hit submit and then usually don’t hear anything for a few days, sometimes longer.

It is important to reach out to candidates in some way at every step of the process. When you invite someone in for an interview, send an email with a detailed itinerary. If after the interview process you and your team need some time to make a decision, keep your candidates in the loop as to when the decision will be made.

Treat Candidates Like Customers

The fact is after the hiring process you will have some candidates you will have had to say no to. It’s important these individuals still think highly of your organization.

By giving the candidate a positive experience, it helps your reputation down the line. The candidate may refer another strong candidate for another position you have open down the road. If it is negative, you will begin to build that sort of reputation. Candidates will leave with a negative outlook of you and spread that to other potential candidates down the road.

In a sense, the candidate experience is more than what meets the eye. It has a residual effect that can have a long-term impact on your company, for better or worse