Today it can be easy to not enjoy our work and wish we had a different job or worked at a better company. When we go on social media, we see our friends traveling to fun cities for work or enjoying themselves at swanky, company-sponsored parties.  Meanwhile you are sitting at your desk day after day not doing any of these things.

The first thing to understand here is that social media is not real life. Every job has its pros and cons. Obviously, people are only going to post the highlights on social media. They too have their moments where they wish they were elsewhere.

The fact of the matter is, unless your job truly is horrible, there are ways you can see the glass half full and be able to enjoy your job more. Here are a few ways you can start.


Own What You Do

It’s easy to fall into the trap of waking up and viewing the day as a series of tasks you have to get through. When you view your job like this, it’s easy to feel down about what you do. Instead of having this perception, view your role as if it is your own business that you oversee. Set goals that you want to achieve personally and for the company. Measure those goals every now and again to see how you are doing and challenge yourself to improve and continue progressing.

Just remember that regardless of your role, you are in charge. When you embrace this, you will feel smarter and realize your importance and the impact you have on your surroundings.


Have Gratitude

When we are placed in a set of circumstances, we are either grateful or ungrateful for those circumstances. It’s a rather simple concept, but it can be difficult to wrap your head around. For example, say you have a demanding boss who is always challenging you to do better. You can view this as a) My boss is unappreciative of what I do and I will never be good enough for him, or b) I appreciate that my boss is always pushing me to do my best. It can be tough and demanding at times, but at the end of the day, I always know I have done my best work and overall I’ve become better at whatever it was I was doing.

So when circumstances are less than ideal, take time to take a second look at them. More than likely there is a silver lining that benefits you either now or in the long run.


Take the Initiative

A straightforward way to make your job better is to act and make it better. The one thing that may be holding you back is the fact that you’re just not speaking up. For example, perhaps you have a coworker who is reluctant to answer phone calls or emails in a timely fashion. Instead of complaining about them not answering faster, a better solution would be to reach out to them to see if there is a better way for them to communicate. If they are in the building, perhaps they would rather have you speak to them directly. If they are elsewhere, maybe they prefer a different method of communication or a different time of the day. The path to more joy in what you do can be as simple as stepping up and having a conversation.