This feeling can be a familiar one for some. You make it through the interview process with flying colors. You’re certain you’re going to get hired only to find out the job was offered to someone else.

This makes you question things. Was it something they saw on social media? Was my resume up to par with everyone else’s? Did my LinkedIn profile not pop off the screen?

While there are a wide variety of possibilities, there are a few that are among the most common. Here are 3 possible reasons you didn’t get the job when you really thought you did.


1.       Not Doing Your Homework

When you do your research about a company, it gives a competitive edge over the other candidates. If you’re able to explain what the company does and how you can further add value to what they’re currently doing, it indicates you did your research prior to the interview. Anyone can come in and talk about the past and what they’ve done. However, speaking on what you can do for the company going forward is what hiring managers and interviewers want to hear.


2.       Underselling Yourself

We all have this great perception of ourselves in our minds; and when we don’t get the job, we’re left wondering why they didn’t see what we see in ourselves. The fact is, you may not have promoted yourself enough. You may feel like you’re being too arrogant or prideful, but an interview is the one time you need to let go of this reservation. This is the exact time to promote yourself and talk up your accomplishments.


3.       Not Taking Your Resume Seriously

Sometimes we can take for granted just how powerful a marketing tool our resumes are. We believe it’s just a piece of paper hiring managers look at once, then after that it’s all about the interview process. However, at the end of an interview process, it may come down to a hiring manager comparing your resume with another. Do not underestimate the power of your resume! It is a valuable tool when it comes to marketing and selling yourself to companies.