You had all the necessary qualifications for the job. You answered every question during the interview flawlessly. You are confident you’ll be moving on to the next stage of the hiring process. Then you receive the rejection email and all of your confidence and hope goes out the door due to a simple two-sentence message. So what do you do now?

While at first you might feel angry and want to give up completely on your search, it’s important to see that you can gain valuable knowledge from this experience. In the face of rejection you can learn how to improve your interview skills and how to go about your overall job search.

Here are some reasons why it’s a great idea to swallow your pride and email the hiring manager asking for constructive feedback.

You’ll Gain Valuable Insight You May Have Never Known

It is an obvious reason. Receiving feedback from someone who didn’t hire you will give you valuable information about your shortcomings and how you can work on those to improve for your next interview.

You may have been more than qualified, but perhaps your answers sounded robotic and over-rehearsed. Maybe you had the skills necessary but the interviewer thought you wouldn’t be a good cultural fit.

Whatever it was that led to their eliminating you from the process, it will help you going forward to know what it was. You’ll be able to acknowledge and work on it to improve your chances for success at your next interview.

You Can Learn Something New About Yourself

Depending on how detailed the hiring manager gets with his response, you may discover something about yourself you had no idea about beforehand.

For example, perhaps you have a habit of interrupting during conversations a bit. It may be difficult to hear if the hiring manager makes you aware of this. However, going forward you will be more conscious of the bad habit and you will be able to stop yourself before you do it.

Asking for advice from the interviewer after a rejection can be better than asking your friends or family for advice. Those close to you may hold things back, but a person who doesn’t know you too well will be totally honest. Although it can be tough to hear, this is the type of advice that will enable you to make the greatest improvements for the future.

You Will Create Future Opportunities

While it may feel like it in the moment, the job that rejected you is not the only job in the world.

It just may happen that in a few weeks after the rejection the company may have someone leave, creating another job opening. If this is the case, don’t you think they’ll consider the person that came back to them after rejection asking what they could have done better. Chances certainly increase by your doing this.

Remember when a door closes it doesn’t mean it will be shut forever. When it comes to job searching, you never want to burn any bridges. Give yourself a chance at future opportunities by impressing the interviewer even when you were just rejected.

Rejection is never fun and asking for constructive feedback afterwards can feel awkward. It is always worth asking though because it’s the perfect opportunity to learn how you can improve.