The questions you ask at the end of an interview can have as much of an impact as the answers you gave throughout the interview. This is well known in the job search world and so are all the go-to questions candidates ask.

“What is a typical day on the job like?”

“How do you define success in this role?”

“What will be expected of me in the first month, six months, etc.”

These are all good questions that show you are genuinely interested in the position; but the truth is, all recruiters and hiring managers have heard them before. With that being said, here are 3 great questions you can ask that will distinguish you from the pack.


1.       Which of your past experiences helped you the most in adapting to this one

This is a great question that displays your desire to learn. You want to know what helped that person get ahead and see if any of your experiences can do the same for you. The person’s answer will also give you tremendous insight into how the office works. If the person says-my sports background really helped because this is very much a team atmosphere-then you’ll know you’ll mainly be working with others rather than alone


2.       What are you looking forward to in hiring a person for this position?

This tells the person that you’re not just interested in your personal goals, but theirs as well. You’re saying that your success is not only beneficial to you but everyone around you as well, which is important to you. This will also give you insight as to whether or not what they see in the job aligns with what you are seeing. You may think you’ll have one sole focus while the hiring manager sees you having a hand in multiple departments. Remember, asking questions is your chance to see if this will be a good fit.  The interview works both ways in many senses.


3.       In my research I found one of your core values is ________. What are some examples of that in the office?

One great thing this indicates is in the question itself. You did your research! But equally as important, it also shows you want to be a part of an organization that has integrity. Many companies talk the talk on their website when it comes to their core values, but does it manifest in real life? Fortunately this is a straightforward question and the person’s response will more than likely tell you whether or not they follow through on their values. If they have some examples, excellent. If they’re struggling to answer it could be time to move on elsewhere.