You have decided to take the leap and begin your job search.

The idea is great and gets you excited. However, soon after you consider the resume prep, the interview processes and it makes you want to put the search off another few months.

These are normal thoughts to have, but before you get too stressed it’s important to know that there are a few strategies you can implement to make the job search process more manageable.

Know What You Really Want In Your Next Job

When it comes to your job search, quality over quantity holds a lot of truth. It is better to go all-in on three applications for the job you want and feel confident about-rather than throwing a generic resume at as many jobs as you can.

However, the only way you can really hone in on specific job is if you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for in your next job.

To figure this out sit down and write out a wish list of want you want next out of your career and next job. Ask yourself what kind of culture you want to be a part of and what goals you want to be accomplishing daily and over time.

You more than likely will not find a job that fits everything on your list, but it will give you a direction in your search. You can then decide which jobs are worth pursuing and which one are not.

Do Your Research

You have heard the advice time and time again when it comes to the job search, especially when it comes time to research a company prior to an interview.

This is great and certainly helps you during the interview, but in reality you can never begin doing research on an organization too early. In fact, it is recommended. Any job description can sound great and sound like it appeals to you, but you can only know if it is worth pursuing by doing some research on the company.

By applying solely based on the job description you may come to find down the road that you are wasting your time along with the companies.

Set Short-Term Goals

More often than not, job searchers get ahead of themselves and think the only goal is landing that job offer. Of course, it is the main goal, but it does not happen overnight.

The application process can feel like a race. You want to get all of your materials in as soon as possible before the opportunity slips away. However, this does not mean you can break this process down into stages in which you can feel accomplished along the way.

For example, on a particular day you can make it a goal to find just one job and company that seems like it’s a good fit. Sure you will not get that job on that day, but it is a manageable objective that is one step in the right direction of securing that job.

The job search is stressful enough. There is no need to add unnecessary pressure. Break down the process into small steps and the everything will become much more manageable.