All of us want to be more productive in life. Whether it be at home or in the office, we’re always looking to get more done. The key to getting more done is letting go of wasteful habits. Some may realize they have them and others may not. Either way, there is no doubt that these can take away from your productivity as well as your overall ability to accomplish the things you want to in life. Here are those unhealthy habits you may have and how you can get rid of them.


Constantly Looking at Your Phone

A growing issue. On average, a person today will spend four hours a day on their phone; and if you are an adult under the age of 45, on average you may send close to 85 texts a day. When we do this, we think we are multi-tasking.  The reality is we have to completely shift our focus to our phone, taking it away from whatever it was we were doing. To combat this, a good start would be to turn off notifications. If you don’t see your phone light up, there is a better chance you won’t look at it. If you are still tempted to keep picking up your phone, start setting durations of time that you won’t look at your phone, for example, one or two hours. Over time you’ll get used to it which means over time you will become more and more productive.


Being a Yes Man (or Woman)

At work or even at home we can be overly eager to say yes to prove ourselves and our self-worth. As we all know though, this can lead to an overly full plate in a hurry. You may, in fact, be able to accomplish everything you said yes to, but you’ve spread yourself so thin and the quality of your work begins to take a hit. To defend against this, take a moment before saying yes to a new project or task. You may think you have room for it now but consider the long-term impact. Unless it is extremely urgent, your boss will appreciate your concern for quality over quantity.


Living a Schedule-less Life

So, it is the morning back after a long three or four-day weekend. You are going through the pile of emails you need to attend to and suddenly you remember you’re meeting with your boss and a client. The meeting goes longer than anticipated and you get back to your emails only to realize some were time sensitive and it’s too late.

Hmm…I wonder what could have helped here…

Scheduling your day the day or night before gets rid of most of these issues. Plan out your priorities by writing down what you need to attend to first. Then allocate your time properly the rest of the day. Taking the 20-30 minutes to plan your next day can mean all the difference, and you’ll find yourself more at ease with the ability to get much more done.