The difference between management and leadership is that management is very hands on. It’s the way you interact with your employees on a day-to-day basis. You may be good at managing people and getting things done; but even while accomplishing this, you may not be doing a good job at leading your people. In order to engrain trust and loyalty in your team you have to exercise good leadership by painting a “bigger picture.” Although things are being accomplished, you may be creating a toxic workplace. While there are many ways to guide and manage your team, there are some absolute essentials you must have down to properly lead them.


Have a Vision for the Future

In order for your team members to be properly motivated, they need to share in your vision for the future. No one will listen to what you have to say if they are not buying into your vision. So how do you get them to buy into your vision? You have to create inspiration. Listen to what motivates them. Why did they chose this career, this job? What’s their purpose and what kind of impact are they trying to make? When you place importance on your employees desires, it inspires them to in-turn share in your vision. By giving your employees a voice, it’s no longer just your vision: it becomes a vision you all share.


Take Initiative and Act

Great leaders don’t wait for the moment to become urgent to act. They are risk takers and they take action to achieve the ultimate goal. This doesn’t mean acting out of impulse and only for personal gain. They are calculated risks and actions, and the team as a whole is always taken into consideration.


Goals and Expectation are Clear

A quick way to get employees to start looking elsewhere for a job is not having clear goals and expectations. A good leader consistently reiterates the end goal to keep the team on track everyday. When goals and expectations are clear, employees stay engaged and are aware of the overall purpose each and everyday they show up to work. By having these things spelled out, success for each member of the team is defined. What is expected is black and white with no gray areas. This is what individuals look for in a job where they want to stay long term.