Other than the usual, “Tell me about yourself” question, another sure question you’ll hear in any interview is, “Why are you interested in this job/this company?”

Even if the interviewer does not ask, you still want to show your excitement for why you want the job. So, either way it’s a good idea to figure out how you’re going to get this sentiment across in a way that makes sense.

Luckily, it is easy to prepare and express this, and you don’t have to make it an elaborate story. Here are some strategies as to how you should structure your answer.

Show Excitement for the Company

This question provides a great opportunity to show your knowledge and research of the company. Anyone can have excitement for a job, but you can take it a step further by actually knowing some things about the company.

To prepare, select a few key factors you especially like about the company and how they relate to your being a good fit. It is always sure to impress interviewers when you know specific details about the company.

Match Your Skills and Experiences with the Job

In addition to your excitement, you want to explain why you are a perfect fit. You can go about this in two ways. Through your experiences – i.e. what you have done that has brought you to this point, or through the skills you possess and how they are transferable to this position.

Utilize the new job description to pinpoint aspects where you will be a perfect fit, and show how your skills and experiences relate. Follow your introduction of how excited you are with why you can naturally transition into this role.  

Keep your answer short. You will have more chances throughout the interview to speak to your skills and past experiences when other questions are asked.

Connect with Your Larger Career Goals

Finally, you want to align the position with your larger career ambitions. When you make it a part of your bigger picture, try not to give the impression that the job is simply a stepping stone. Show that you see the company as a place you can grow and progress for years.

Now you don’t have to say, for example, you picture yourself there for 4 years. Simply show that you know the job makes sense for your current goals and also makes sense for you for the foreseeable future.

Make these three elements a part of your answer and you are sure to leave an impression. You will prove your excitement for the job/company, make the connection between your skills and experiences to the new role, and show that you are a good fit now and down the road.