All of us have large career goals. Whether it’s to get promoted in 6 months or move onto a bigger and better job, we all have the big picture in mind. An obstacle we all have to manage in achieving these goals is knowing what we have to do to get there.

The best way to tackle this issue is to think smaller. Think of the things you need to do here, now, and day- by-day to eventually reach that goal.

With that being said, regardless of the goal you’re trying to reach, here are 4 habits you can implement everyday to help you reach your destination!

Read More

This doesn’t mean joining a book club and trying to read a book every week or two. You can read more in a variety of ways. Perhaps there are some blog sites out there that focus on your industry. Try reading an in-depth one at least once every few days. Or maybe you enjoy reading books but feel like you never have the time. Start by just reading a few pages every night before bed, or maybe a chapter a night.

When you’re reading, you’re constantly learning, and when you’re learning, you’re staying ahead. Exposing yourself to new ideas and perspectives helps you become a better decision maker and more thoughtful. As a bonus, you are also becoming a better writer and communicator by consistently reading well written items.


Stay Connected

Today the vast majority of us are checking social media pretty consistently, but are we actually communicating with anyone while doing so?

Social media provides an excellent way to stay connected with your network. It can be simple things such as “liking” a colleagues post about their being at a company for one year or texting an old colleague to catch up. These small efforts of reaching out keep your network warm.

It’s important to do this because you never know when you may need an old colleague as a reference or maybe someone you know will be able to help you get a foot in the door at the company you want to work for. Staying connected in small ways now can lead to bigger things later.


Ask Questions

Chances are you have people around you who are where you want to be and have accomplished what you want to accomplish. Take advantage of this! Ask your manager or boss how they got where they are today and what experiences were most important in the process.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions out of sheer curiosity. Ask co-workers what they’re working on, ask a buddy to explain his idea to you. Alway be searching for more information, and as you’ve heard before, never hesitate to ask for help. There is no such thing as a dumb question.